Drug Testing – On-site devices and lab services

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A proactive drug testing program is a major step in creating a better & safer environment.  Hair and oral fluid drug testing programs offer many advantages over a urine testing program, including:

Effectively Deters Use

Knowing that hair’s longer detection window means a higher likelihood of getting caught helps students to say no to peer pressure.

Minimizes Cheating

Both methods offer reduced opportunities for adulteration , substitution, & dilution, which are common methods used to beat urine tests.

Eases Collection Burdens

Collections are safe & easy, requiring simple training and no special facilities while eliminating “shy bladder” delays.

Alleviates Privacy Concerns

Eliminates the privacy issues inherent to observed urine collections.

Simplifies Shipping

Improved shipping efficiency [no need for special storage or packaging] involving no hazardous bodily fluids.

There are many reasons to utilize the services of Lynmar Health Management.

  • Health testing pioneer with a over 30 years history in “on-site” health screening
  • Strict adherence to all HIPPA, state and local screening laws
  • Local company that works very close with orgainization coordinator
  • On-site results are reviewed same day with coordinator
  • Confirmation results back within 36 hours
  • Professional dress code & attitude of all Lynmar’s qualified personnel
  • Use of our “one of a kind” mobile lab for confidential screening
  • Professional Liability, Automobile Liability, Commercial Liability, Sexual Liability
  • Close relationship with “Alere Toxicology Labs” & “Omega Laboratories”

Lynmar Health Management provides both “on-site” & “Lab based” testing using FDA 510(K) Cleared & Approved devices, labs, and procedures.

Features and Benefits of the “Alere Oratect” on-site screening device:​

  • Rapidly screen up to 6 illicit drugs and prescription drugs
  • Simple procedure: collect and test in one step – results in 5 minutes
  • Convenient and non-invasive rapid screening
  • Avoids cross gender observation
  • Reduces sample adulteration
  • Includes transport tube for confirmation testing
  • Includes “chain of custody” requirements & drug screen results form

Oral Fluid Testing:

Oral Fluid Testing provides an option for detection recent usage.  Sample collection is non-invasive and requires no special facilities, with oral fluid samples being swabbed directly from the mouth.  Oral fluid samples are difficult to adulterate or substitute.  Oral Fluid specimens are preferable for random screening, post-accident ad for-cause testing, as the collection kit is portable and detects recent usage.

Hair Follicle Testing:

  • Small sample of hair from any part of the body
  • Covers a “window” period of approximately 90 days
  • 5 drug classes with “Extended Opiates”
  • Hair analysis far more effective than urine testing identifying at lower levels
  • Reduces sample adulteration
  • Detects substance whether ingested orally, smoked, snorted, or injected
  • Evaluates long-term patterns of repetitive drug use
  • Transported to commercial laboratory / results back within 48 hours
  • No extra cost for “presumptive positive” confirmation conducted via LC/MS

Hair testing provides quantifiable results across a 90-day standard testing timeframe. Sample collection requires no special facilities and is non-invasive, with hair samples being cut close to the scalp.  Hair samples cannot be substituted or diluted and are difficult to adulterate.  This test is preferable for organization-wide and random screening, as it detects those who choose a lifestyle of drug use.

We at Lynmar Health Management, look forward to establishing a long and cordial relationship with organizations. Based on our 29 years of experience, we have found that a quality relationship with our customers is most successful when following clearly defined and open communication procedures.

Lynmar is prepared to perform both “on-site results” and/or certified Laboratory reports with superior customer service. Our drug testing has industry-leading turnaround times, advanced technology & reporting solutions. Lynmar will also provide highly competitive pricing when compared to the effectiveness of traditional testing methods. OMEGA Laboratories has the most highly recognized accreditations in the industry for hair testing: ISO/IEC 17025 International Standards, College of American Pathologists (CAP), FDA with 510(K) cleared and others.

Lynmar can use a combination of hair and oral fluid testing including these benefits: reduced opportunity for donor adulteration, collections are safe and simple, no shipping of hazardous bodily fluids, eased burden of observed collections, and testing both for long term and recent usage. We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Lynmar will test for the following eligible drugs: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Phencyclidine, plus extended Opiates. All recommended by (SAMHSA) Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.

Lynmar will adhere to the guidelines and required specifications that has been adopted by your organization, random screenings as directed by the your drug coordinator and maintain “Chain of Custody” documentation. Lynmar will also follow specific specimen collection procedures using authorized company personnel paying close attention to integrity and identity of each specimen, – collection through transportation to laboratory and reporting.

Lynmar will report negative on-site test results same day or within 24 hours of lab receiving sample. Presumptive positive test results will be tested as a “confirmation test” (LC/MS/MS) at no extra charge and reported within 36 – 48 hours. Test results are reported via secured computer transmission.