Reduce Costs

As much as 70 percent of health care spending can be attributed to behavioral and lifestyle choices. Employers are increasingly offering employees health improvement programs. Numerous studies have indicated that employers can at least contain or reduce health care costs by implementing a wellness program that should include yearly health screenings.

According to a survey of employer wellness initiatives, about three-quarters of HR professionals said their company offered some type ofwellness program. Over two-thirds of the respondents that offered wellness initiatives indicated their efforts were effective in reducing overall health care costs to the company.


Wellness programs and benefits can take many forms. Some wellness programs, like the one Lynmar Health Management offers, “WellCheck Zone” help educate employees and deal with preventable and chronic conditions. These programs help educate and evaluate for conditions like elevated cholesterol, high glucose or A1C for diabetes, obesity, and blood pressure.

Before implementing a particular wellness program, an organization should carefully consider the potential costs, advantages, and level of participation. According to recent research, employers view cost and low level of engagement as the greatest obstacle. Lynmar Health Management will partner with the organization to fine tune these obstacles and offer a wellness program with confidence.

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